Friday, October 24, 2008

DUKW .... Duck Pilot

This is a DUKW kind of duck truck.
It was invented by a different Roderick, Roderick Stephens, for use in World War II.
You can read more about it at various links such as

This particular one is at Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA
I drove the one in Branson, Missouri out on the lake and got a Duck Pilots License.

You can inflate and deflate the tires while you're driving. (Deflate the tires for driving on sandy beaches and increase the pressure for normal roads)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Arctic Ducks .... a spy in our midst?

Is this a secret agent duck? If so, it is a very secret agent duck. The one with orange feet, if it is a duck, is a duck ..... disguised as a goose, impersonating an arctic duck.
Gary Leers claims that arctic ducks ( sometimes called sanguine penguins) are rather vicious .... savage biters. He says arctic ducks have sharp, cutting bills.
On the other hand, this may just be a formal avian party playing "Duck - Duck - Goose - Duck".
Quack, Quack!