Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rod's Duck Farm says .... Redneck Remedy is now order-able!

Check it out.

It is the best burn crème available and you can order it, paying with PayPal.
The web site is improved once more. The anti-itch stuff is good too ..... it is for bug bites and poison ivy and things like that.

But I still say, IF YOU GET A WASP OR BEE-TYPE STING, you have 30 seconds to maybe one minute to douse the bite with ammonia ...... just plain old household ammonia ..... be sure to have a jug of household ammonia if you prefer to stay the same size ..... otherwise a bite on your thumb might not fit into a glove.

Redneck Remedy works on shingle sores for lots of folks!

Quack, Quack!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Rod's Duck Farm : In case of skin ailments use Redneck Remedy

Redneck Remedy is a skin lotion for burns, bug bites, poison ivy, and many other irritations of the outer shell of the human being.
It even works on Leta Mae's occasional outbursts of shingles.

Here is the website:

The pharmacist is a relative of a friend ...... his name is Dr. Glenn Wood. He is a pharmacist.

The product works exceptionally well and is expertly packaged. The website looks nice but I have been unable to purchase using PayPal using the normal clicking technology suggested by the site. However, it is possible to order by phone or maybe through the contact portion of the site. Some of the stores carry Redneck Remedy, others "used to but it didn't sell very well so they didn't order more." The site lists stores and the phone numbers of the stores ..... call first.
If you want a "sunburn crème" that is a pharmaceutical star for any kind of burn, Redneck Remedy is the one to chose.

Check out the active and "inactive" ingredients. The blend of ingredients is well chosen.
When something is wrong with my skin ........ that's what I use.
Quack, Quack!