Monday, November 26, 2012

Rod's Duck Farm - Restaurants .... Whooda Thunk?

Look at all the cuts of duck!!! 1,2,3,4,5,6 ....... Sister Sharon discovered the restaurant. She rides bicycles.
Quack, Quack!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rod's Duck Farm - The Tom Cat

Cats are like a ray of sunshine.

There is a tom cat that lives in the woods. Every day he comes in the house and sleeps on the

He caught a chipmunk and gave it to Leta Mae. Although she would not eat the chipmunk, she
did name the cat, "Socks", for his white feet.

As an icy/snowy winter approaches, I worry about how the cat will survive the night weather,
dogs, and raccoons. But then, the Duck Farm does not need a kitty litter box and besides, cats
don't live a long time. It's like being friends with a chipmunk or a mouse.

Cats are like a ray of sunshine. They come in the windows during the day and stay outside at

Quack, Quack!

Rods Duck Farm - The Duck Manifesto

Here is a link to the Chinese Duck Farmer's house in the road. He is protesting. Where's his ducks???

Click Here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>*

Quack, Quack!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rod's Duck Farm - The Proof is Here!

The Government is Right

I think the government is right.
People need to have a better understanding of the dangers associated with sunbathing.
There is proof right here at Rod's Duck Farm.

The leaves on the trees spent all summer, hanging out, trying to get a good tan.
Some were dark brown. Some were light brown. Some were sunburned red.
They were so weak after tanning that they could not hold onto the tree anymore.

Now the leaves lay around on the ground and spend their time making noisy complaints every time a deer steps on one of them.

People need less sunbathing and more exercise! Quack, Quack!