Monday, November 26, 2007

Swiss Army Duck?

One of these days I'm gonna be in big trouble. One of my favorite Keyfobs came from Art & Linda Clark .... a duck/knife/keyfob. I'm always forgetting that I have a "weapon" on my key-ring. But some day I'll be passing through a checkpoint and an observant security agent will say "Ah Ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't think I'd catch you, did you? Trying to slip through with an armed duck, are you? Well, buck-a-roo, you have done and met yer match!!! The little duck AND your dog, Toto, will find life in "confiscated property" quite interesting. Also, I believe you will be entertained by your visit with the FBI!!!!!"
"Do I get a phone call?"
"What? A phone call? You expect me to fall for that one? Call up some cell phone and enter the secret code that activates a timer setting off untold explosions ..... absolutely not, no phone call for you."
"Can I go to the restroom?"
"For your spying & counter-intelligence activities? Maybe a little s-peein'-age? Absolutely not! No way Jose."
"Hey this shirt don't say Jose's Duck Farm!"
"So you are a non-un-duckumented knife wielding maniac with the wrong name on your duck shirt? You admit to attempted impersonation of Jose's Duck Farm? "
But in the meantime, the duck/knife/keyfob is a glorious bit of duckological treasure.
Quack, Quack!