Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Word Ardor - Unemployment Protection - Ducks

Tough economic times? This is from a cubicle in the computing headquarters of a major international operation .... the name of which, I don't need to know .....
What I do know is that at very high levels, at least as high as the ledge of a cubicle, the powers that be have their ducks in a row.
You may notice that the lead duck is a fireman duck. While there may be rumors of layoffs, nobody can be fired when there is a fireman duck on duty. Also, these are rubber ducks which means they are thick-skinned. Not only are they capable of the "water-off-a-duck's-back" phenomenon, they can be completely flattened and just spring right back into shape.
The ducks are socially acceptable since they are multicultural .... no racism here; but I do have to wonder ......... why is the little guy in the back? Is this evidence of a might-makes-right pecking order? Or are the big ducks walking point for the little duck? Maybe all the ducks are walking backwards and the little duck is walking point? And when the ducks are in a row, are they walking? wading? swimming? Is it a row vs wade decision? Just remember, there's a NEW WORD ORDER (New Word Ardor?) these days, evidenced by ducks.
Ducks in a Row
Duck Sin Arrow
Ducksy Narrow