Monday, March 28, 2011

Rod's Duck Farm - Basking in Baskets

From Brad Whitewolf ......... alias Duck Trazy!
These are marvelous baskets. The feathers are are made of wood shavings, delicately colored and placed. Each basket could hold either a very large duck egg or else a sizeable goose egg. Lookout Easter Bunny - Ducks are on the loose!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rod's Duck Farm - Spy Secrets to Mind Control

Mind Control is especially important in these times of terrorism, hate crimes, bigotry, sexual perversions, radiation leaks, weapons of mass destruction, explosive devices, drunk drivers, and bullies.
To discover the secret you will have to decode the following passage:
Joe the Duck was waddling down the street near the intersection of 4th and Grandview. He looked at the clock on the tower of the square, just visible through the trees between the Markham building and the Watson Bank. It was ten past ten. Joe was glad the tower was well lit because the night lights from the Watson Bank were filling his retinas with photons that, one way or another, were released from a power plant. Joe wondered where the power plant might be and whether or not it was coal, gas, nuclear, or solar. Since the deregulation, power had become an item more easily traded between power companies. The electricity may have come from a plant in New York, California, or somewhere in between. Power began to consume his mind. Suddenly Joe had an epiphany - all power is solar. Coal and gas come from organic material that grew as a result of sunlight. Coal and gas are just stored up bits of solar energy! But how about nuclear? Two thoughts came to mind .... one being that uranium is just leftover star material; the other being that the uranium had to be processed and refined using power from coal and gas plants - solar processed uranium.
OK ........... you have completed step one. Congratulations, you have read the paragraph and perhaps have already figured out the secret. If so, you are now an all-knowing creature.
Otherwise, I will write the actual secret to mind control. It is this:
If people spent more time thinking about ducks, they'd spend less time thinking about other things!
Quack, Quack!