Sunday, June 29, 2008

Supreme Court Decision - Ducks, Masters of Amusement

Antonin Scalia, United States Supreme Court Judge received a 2nd lifetime achievement award.
It is a duck ...... sort of a commentary regarding Scalia's hunting trip with Dick Cheney.
Scalia's response was, "Nothing is as funny as a duck."

Now that we have a Supreme Court decision regarding ducks and humor, one must interpret the decision.

Did he mean that, with respect to a duck, ZERO is equally funny?
Or ........... did he intend to establish a duck as the acme of humor?
Does this apply to ducks (plural) or only to some specific (singular) duck?

Fortunately, from the games of soccer and cricket, we know that a score of ZERO is called a "Duck" ..... ie., "At the game yesterday, the Mashers scored 2 points while the Stompers got a duck."

In other words, "Nothing" IS a "Duck".
Put another way, "A duck IS nothing."
Therefore a truism exists: "Nothing is as funny as a duck."
AND "A duck is as funny as nothing."

Of course, such a line of reasoning is simple folly.
There can be little doubt that Judge Scalia's decision can be most accurately restated as:

"A duck is the epitome of jocularity."