Sunday, June 29, 2008

Supreme Court Decision - Ducks, Masters of Amusement

Antonin Scalia, United States Supreme Court Judge received a 2nd lifetime achievement award.
It is a duck ...... sort of a commentary regarding Scalia's hunting trip with Dick Cheney.
Scalia's response was, "Nothing is as funny as a duck."

Now that we have a Supreme Court decision regarding ducks and humor, one must interpret the decision.

Did he mean that, with respect to a duck, ZERO is equally funny?
Or ........... did he intend to establish a duck as the acme of humor?
Does this apply to ducks (plural) or only to some specific (singular) duck?

Fortunately, from the games of soccer and cricket, we know that a score of ZERO is called a "Duck" ..... ie., "At the game yesterday, the Mashers scored 2 points while the Stompers got a duck."

In other words, "Nothing" IS a "Duck".
Put another way, "A duck IS nothing."
Therefore a truism exists: "Nothing is as funny as a duck."
AND "A duck is as funny as nothing."

Of course, such a line of reasoning is simple folly.
There can be little doubt that Judge Scalia's decision can be most accurately restated as:

"A duck is the epitome of jocularity."


Dave Mows Grass said...

The Supreme Court has been ducking this issue for much too long. If they didn't clarify the issue soon, I'm sure congress would have introduced a bill.

Anonymous said...