Monday, November 26, 2007

Swiss Army Duck?

One of these days I'm gonna be in big trouble. One of my favorite Keyfobs came from Art & Linda Clark .... a duck/knife/keyfob. I'm always forgetting that I have a "weapon" on my key-ring. But some day I'll be passing through a checkpoint and an observant security agent will say "Ah Ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't think I'd catch you, did you? Trying to slip through with an armed duck, are you? Well, buck-a-roo, you have done and met yer match!!! The little duck AND your dog, Toto, will find life in "confiscated property" quite interesting. Also, I believe you will be entertained by your visit with the FBI!!!!!"
"Do I get a phone call?"
"What? A phone call? You expect me to fall for that one? Call up some cell phone and enter the secret code that activates a timer setting off untold explosions ..... absolutely not, no phone call for you."
"Can I go to the restroom?"
"For your spying & counter-intelligence activities? Maybe a little s-peein'-age? Absolutely not! No way Jose."
"Hey this shirt don't say Jose's Duck Farm!"
"So you are a non-un-duckumented knife wielding maniac with the wrong name on your duck shirt? You admit to attempted impersonation of Jose's Duck Farm? "
But in the meantime, the duck/knife/keyfob is a glorious bit of duckological treasure.
Quack, Quack!


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Dave Mows Grass said...

The keys to a happy life, no doubt. Boy, you sure have a diverse readership? What is that, Fanagalo?


steve said...

fortunado! the amantillado!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahah - posting ads now I see for an international audience (you can increase your internet speed for only 10 cents per ....)

great idea for earning a little cash during the holiday season ....

fob - what a charming word. How can one not be smitten by a man who a. looks like van gogh b. outwits me on a regular basis and c. uses such quaint phrasing ???

just call on Steve if TSA gives you any hassle .... he has CONNECTIONS!


Head Duck Wrangler said...

I'm not sure what language the Crescent Wrench thing is about, seems sort of like Mexican Cajun or something .... kind of like French-Portuguese. It looks like Red & Steve pretty well got the jest of it.
OR maybe Dave is right .... so many international admirers ....
Red, you are simply too kind.
In order to be a machinist, one has to have a bad attitude. What if I start being kinder and gentler ... what would I do for a living?