Saturday, October 27, 2007


Sometimes I open my breifcase upside down, even though there are ducks on the top side.
When I open my breifcase upside down, all the stuff falls out since the lid is not as deep as the case.

The reason is that the ducks are facing left. My breifcase is emblazoned with leftist ducks. They think I should SHARE the contents of my breifcase with everyone else. So now I'm going even one better - I'm sharing the whole breifcase with the whole world.

Maybe that will break the tormenting spell of the leftist ducks.

From the bottom side of the breifcase, using my x-ray vision, the ducks appear to be facing right.

Note: Right and left should not be judged using x-ray vision.

Quack, Quack!


Anonymous said...

leftist ducks ..... HAHAHAHAHAHA ....i needed a good laugh. they probably think that not only should you share with everyone, but you should share EQUALLY and in direct proportion to your level of power ...

does this make them facist ducks as well ??? you DID say they were facing...


Dave Mows Grass said...

You must use this briefcase do carry your duckuments. Damn! Did it really take me three weeks to think of that?

steve said...

This sounds like the work of Darkwing Duck, a real Canard, and double Agent working for both the CIA and KGB.
I keep my briefs in a drawer....yellow on top and brown on the bottom.

Head Duck Wrangler said...

I think they may be facist ducks.
That is a very astute observation!

Yes indeed ..... both kinds:
Duckuments (duck papers) and Duck-o-mints (wintergreen lifesavers)

You keep your drawers in your drawers?

Quack, Quack!