Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Glasses Duck

Once again, Rod's Duck Farm has come to the rescue with a solution for people who have no place to put their eyeglasses.
Glasses Duck is designed to be a holder for eyeglasses. Just mash on the bill (clothespin) and the back of the head (the subconscious mind) opens..... a glasses clamp - Wow!!!
You can even put bills or a pencil in the bill.
Since Glasses Duck is mounted on an exceptionally high quality pegboard base, the duck may sit on a table or be fastened to a wall, ceiling, or under the table.


Anonymous said...

I could have used a glasses duck at work the last few days to hold my smart card. The CEO is visiting in a few weeks so they gave us all smart cards containing the company's vision, ambitions, values, quality policy, and other important things. As it is, I've had to prop it up on my lunchbox so I could study it during any dead time. It could have easily been knocked off by accident, but not if I had a glassed duck!

The stuff on the smart card does make sense except for a few things. The company's first value is "Performance-driven" which is fine but part of the explanation of that value is that "[We will] consistently meet our goals." Excuse me, but if we always make our goals, doesn't that indicate that we haven't set our goals high enough? How will these drive our performance if they are so easily achieved? It should say "[We will] constantly strive to meet our goals." Better still would be to omit the line completely. Isn't it implicit in the name that a goal is something you strive to achieve?

I also don't like that they put "Think outside the box" on my smart card. I cringe whenever I hear this horrible, trite cliche. Is there any corporation in the world that doesn't see the value of the occasional original thought?

WHat struck me most about the things on these smart cards is that my company really is trying to do what they talk about. They don't always succeed, but you can tell they are really trying to operate by the ambitions and values they describe. For instance, one of the company's ambitions is to "create a diverse, global culture." I believe they have made a great effort to accomplish this. They employ engineers from the U.S.A., Canada, India, and Germany and machine operators from Mexico, China, Poland, and Laos. Can't get much more diverse than that!



Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true follower of Dr. Deming .... "enough with the slogans" .... "less yackin', more crackin'"
Hopefully it is the company that is to have a diverse, global culture. If the plan is to "create a diverse, global culture" ... that might entail importing individuals from other galaxies. Those folks from Leptar Seven are too diverse!!!
I may have to rename Glasses Duck.
Then again, maybe produck differentiation is the key.
I could keep Glasses Duck and ALSO offer Smart Card Duck.
"Smart Card Duck .... Quack! You took the words right outta my mouth."
Eric is having one of your problems. The metal comes in the front of the shop. The saw is in the back of the shop, around several corners. Eric thinks the solution is pretty obvious. They think Eric should demonstrate greater agility.
Quack, Quack!

Anonymous said...

What a great product, we loose our glasses all the time. Could it be automated to follow us around too?

I got a vacum robot, it just radomly aims around the room and for some unknow reason manages to get every place. Since we eat at our desk and are responsible for our owning cleaning, robo-buddy is a good night crew. You can get a kit and make your own robot. Imagine glasses duck running around collecting stuff you happen to misplace and then returning to homebase on a quack call.

Fortunately we don't have any smart cards, we did for a while. Ours was 'it doesn't take a rocket scientist'. We had lots of classes based on, In Serach of Excellence. Lot's of people posted little tags on their doors. Actually, I think that was more of a message.

Happy Birthday Farmer Duck!

I heard in Virginia a woman who had been cut off in traffic twice, hurled a McDonalds shake at the offender. She was arrested and charged with firing a missle. She been found guilty and the minimum sentence is 2 years in jail, in addition to the 1000$ fine she already paid. Some people think its a little harsh for this Mom of 3 kids who were in the car at the time, along with her pregnant sister in law. This story has been dubbed the 'McMissle incident'.

Maybe we need to avoid carrying these missles with us, especially across state lines. I wonder if the manufacturers can be held liable.

Staying home.

Anonymous said...

Wow! the McMissile incident:

Duckbot sounds good. Thank you so much for the bird-day well wishes!
Adam & Amanda & William brought me a duck birthday cake, duck wash cloth & towel sets, and a cuddly duck with electronic quacker.

James Allen sent a newspaper article about a guy in a residential Florida neighborhood charged with illegal duck farming for having a pet duck. The duck now lives "in sanctuary????" at an alligator farm!

Quack, Quack!!