Saturday, July 28, 2007

Moby Duck

Sister, Sharon, along with Dave & Sobriquet have helped with the adventures of the Duck Armada. Steve names the big duck "Moby Duck". Red Dirt Scribbles has a step-dad that carves duck decoys.
Check the webs/blogs!
(duck oriented website from soubriquet)
Missouri Duck Wrangler from Dave
(giant pvc duck in france)
The duck flotilla (a shipload of rubber ducks that fell overboard in the Pacific) is due to float up on the shores of the United Kingdom soon. In France, they have developed their own rubber duck, rubber-coated PVC.
Ducks are getting to be BIG business.
Quack, Quack!


steve said...

i went over to the Goatmans site to clue you in on his ducks and what do you know you haalready found him!

Can a Duck make a good pot of Coffee?

Moby Duck..I was real proud of that one.

red dirt girl said...

Long Live The Ducks ! Long Live The Ducks ! Long Live The Ducks ! .....

umm .... i have it on good authority that Her Majesty has already annexed the US; we are officially a COLONY again .....

so, I'm practicing my royal curtsy ....

really, it's true - just ask Soubriquet !!!!!

soubriquet said...


Deutcher Duck-Wrangler.