Sunday, February 17, 2008

Innovation of the Year Award

"Southern rock songs are just like southern yards, covered with crap. But we southerners, even displaced northerner southerners like myself, love having piles of useless crap in our yards. We also love southern rock, but we do appreciate those rare occasions when one of our neighbors puts some air in his trailer tires and takes a load of crap to the dump." - Dave Renfro
This may look like a broken down truck but actually it is a combination dumpster/mailbox.
It is mostly white and represents an excellent form of recycling and multi-tasking. Some folks wrongly think that their military service and the military service of their forefathers entitles them to buy a piece of land and live on it, storing what they like, as they please .... freedom.
Them rednecks can't even spell free-dumb ..... freed'em is only for slaves. Everybody else is supposed to live in a standard normal place that looks something like Homer Simpson's neighborhood. American's are not supposed to have to look at stuff they don't understand, like a yard full of old bulldozers or who-knows-what-else somebody might leave laying around.
The main purpose of "fighting for one's country" is to gain an appreciation for things like chain-of-command and orderliness.
Although the dumpster/mailbox wins the Rod's Duck Farm Innovation of the Year Award, I'm sure it is not up to normal standards. It will have to go. Probably there is some kind of constitutional issue, like the separation of Mailbox and Dumpster.
Did the unit evolve, or was it created? Perhaps if the creator will provide an affidavit and testify that the Mailbox Dumpster simply evolved, the Household Input/Output System can remain.
"Freedom's just another word for nothin-left-to-lose ..." Janus


Xthsee said...

I figured you would get a kick out of that

Dave Mows Grass said...

Man, that guy gets lots of mail!

Hi Rod.

lillinda said...

Heck, I kinda like being able to throw all that junk mail out right at the box ! Kinda serves two purposes don't it.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe it also serves as a bus stop shelter for the school kids.
Quack, Quack!

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