Saturday, May 3, 2008

Um ..... Bill ....... Lick ..... Cool

I don't know this duck's name. Maybe it is Bill. We'll say his name is Bill. He's pretty cool.
He can take a lick.
Hit him in the stomach and he quacks.
There is an electronic quacker somewhere around his belly button.
Of course, since ducks are hatched, they don't have belly buttons.
But Bill has a belly button. If you press the button, he quacks.
Otherwise he just sits on the couch in silence.
Bill is not a couch potato. He is a couch duck.
The way you can tell the difference is that potatoes do not quack.
Ducks and potatoes both have eyes, they are both edible.
Potatoes are more like a duck-billed platypus ... they are both from "down" under.
I don't think a platypus or a potato ...... I don't think they have down.
They don't have down under or over. Ducks have down under their feathers.
Quack, Quack!

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