Friday, December 12, 2008

The Duck That Stole Christmas?

Mark Evans sent this duck graphic. It is a pretty cute duck ..... somewhere in between Albert Einstein and the Grinch. Anyway, the duck seems to either be thinking or else to have already thought of something. I hope you have a nice day and something worthwhile comes your way.


red dirt mule said...

mr. mysterious quacker stealer,

Steve of Bullet holes fame - is in the hospital. Diagnosed with acute diabetes (apparently not noticed during the last 6 months or so).

If you get a chance, please stop by his blog and leave a well wish. And spread the word ...


bulletholes said...

He looks likw Leonard Bernstein, the Director to me.
Hi Rod!

Anonymous said...

Steve ..... ouch!!!!!!!!!
Just about the time things start looking up you get slapped again.
One of the students is a former Marine Corps medic, former EMT, and now night supervisor of the lab at the local VA hospital. He is 6'8" and weighs about 400 pounds. He has diabetes caused both by genetics and his past food & exercise habits. Through a lot of reasearch, he is managing to control it without insulin. I can send you an email addr if you wanted to hear about his technique.
From what I have seen of people, a disciplined approach is required .... there are a lot of things people do that seem to work. All of them quit working when the individual quits following their plan. I don't know what a master chef is supposed to do besides think about food. Somehow one must discover that bland is beautiful.
ps. It's OK to be angry and depressed and exhillarated and exasperated about it.
Leonard Bernstein - Cool!
Quack, Quack!