Friday, August 20, 2010

Duck Farm Test

Dear Subscribers to Duckological Thought and Naught Theory,

School is about to start up again.
Maybe you have been wondering ….. what’s right for me ….. Tech School or College?
Rod’s Duck Farm has devised a fairly simple test to help you decide!

Tech School (Vo-Tech, Trade School, etc) is for “technical” people……. Get’er’done

College is for “people” people ….. Make a contribution to society

Which one are you?

Do you have trouble with names? Sometimes call Bob a different name such as Billy or Thomas? Maybe call Betty something like Suzanne or Brenda?
If so, you are NOT a “people” person ….. go to Tech School.

On the other hand, do you have trouble with names? Sometimes you say screwdriver when you mean hammer or x-ray machine? Maybe call the spark plug a radiator or battery?
If so, you are NOT a “technical” person …… go to College.

If you just want enough knowledge to get a steady, dependable job with a well-known international company:
1. Smile
2. Practice saying this phrase with enthusiasm: “Yaunt frazz wizzat?”

Quack, Quack!