Thursday, December 16, 2010

Duck Trazy at Rod's Duck Farm

Duck Trazy was a cartoon series for kids explaining why folks should do the right thing.
WhiteWolf is the native american artist. He drew this one for me by way Bill the Painter.
Duck Trazy is one of the greatest ducks ever.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rod. Back in 1985, I was the circulation manager for the Eureka Springs Northwest Arkansas Journal. The editor gave me the weekly TV section to edit. This was 4 pages long. The actual information was 3 1/2 pages, which left a half of a page to fill up. I asked my editor if we could insert some old comic strips, like Felix, or The Phantom, or something that was in the Public Domain. She said that if I wanted a comic strip, I would have to draw it myself. I went back to my desk and conceived the idea for Duck Tracy (the original name, which I changed to avoid an obvious lawsuit), and his Crimestopper Tips. These were little Home Security Tips that I had learned from one of my Martial Arts instructors, and an idea that I had discussed with Bill Bailer, a couple of years before. Duck Trazy and His Crimestopper Tips was published until Sept. of 1986 by the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Journal, and then for 3 or 4 issues of The Arkansas Traveler. Duck Trazy ( as he was now known) appeared in 2 Graphic Novels, Duck Trazy Goes To Big Mountain, having the Detective Duck go out to the 4 corners area of Arizona, and becoming involved in Amerindian rights, and Duck Trazy In The Lost City, where the Man-Hunting Mallard goes down to the Rainforest in search of a killer. In 1989, the Duck made his last appearance for Native Americans For a Clean Environment, in a 8 page digest sized comicbook for the Oklahoma School District, called Duck Trazy and his Dump-Busters Save The Environment, teaching kids to recycle.

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Thank you so much for the update and your marvelous dedication to goodness!!
If people spent more time thinking about ducks, they'd spend less time thinking about other things!
Quack, Quack!