Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rod's Duck Farm - Save the Ducks!

Save the Ducks!
Or any other feathers......

At last, the world is saved ... Peace has arrived!
Since Arkansas is having such a HOT & DRY summer, there is a BIG BURN BAN so the American Legion and Veterans of Foriegn Wars can't sell fireworks because Arkansas might burn down.

Obviously, in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan there must be no fireworks - it is a desert and the whole world might burn down. It's the law and the military must obey!

Quack, Quack! 


Dave Renfro said...

Yeah, the burn band was probably a good idea given the dry conditions, but it's a shame what that meant for all the fireworks stands. For many right-wing hate groups, the annual fireworks tent is the biggest fundraising event of the year!

Hi, Rod!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave!
It rained here .... my truck was splattered with about 4 drops per square foot!
Quack, Quack!