Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rod's Duck Farm ... does the graphic lead one to believe .....

The case of the Lit  1amp ..........
is that Lamp  or One Amp ???

(Duck Trazy comic books 1&2 $10 a set from


Brad Whitewolf said...

Hi Rod,
I hope that you and your family had a Merry Christmas. I was wondering if we are going to see any more Duck Trazy, since none of the story has been posted since Halloween. I was looking forward to seeing the introduction of the Universal League of Goodwill Space people. - Brad Whitewolf

Anonymous said...

Hi Brad!
My internet is here at school since I moved to town. The city code folks are busy thinking that I'm supposed to get busy and clean up the new place (I now have a 30" chainsaw!)
It is getting a lot better and things are calming down some. Google has messed up my Machinist School Site but Duck Trazy is on the way. The Duck Dynasty folks seem to have helped the Rod's Duck Farm site. Thank you for noticing!
Quack, Quack!