Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kayak Duck

Dave Mows Grass notes this as one of the Greatest Ducks of All Time. I think because he is kayaking these days. This is a brass duck/kayak. Maybe the idea is that a kayak enthusiast needs a pair of brass ............ paddles connected to his stick. It truly is a marvelous looking duck. It reminds me of Scandanavian duck sculptures. I used to think about going kayaking. But then I discovered the couch and TV nature shows. Sometimes me and Eric go fishing with Bill Dance. We sit on the couch. He sits in his boat on the TV. The couch - it is more correctly spelled "cowch". Sitting on the cowch is a good sport, a safe form of bull riding!
Quack, Quack!


Dave Mows Grass said...

Wow! Did you actually find one of these or is this the photo from the one I saw on ebay. Failing to buy you that duck is still my darkest hour. I've never felt so ashamed!

bulletholes said...

Sometimes people say 'That dawg won't hunt" meaning that something ain't gonna work.
Well Rod, I got a new one for your duckin' files
"That Duck won't float!"
what d'ya think?
is it already taken?

Hello Boys!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave .... yup, your pic from eBay.... a picture is worth a thousand words and takes up less space than a genuine artifact. Now it is on the blog for all the world, thanx to DMG!

Bulletholes ...... I think you're right .... That duck won't float ... at least it is new to me. A new phrase ThANGST to you!!!!
Quack, Quack!

red dirt mule said...

now THAT'S COOL !!!!

rdg / rdm