Saturday, September 6, 2008

Grumman J2F6 - The Duck

The Grumman J2F6 is one of many military items called Duck .... Duck & Cover, Duck Cloth Bags, Duck Airplanes & vehicles, etc. Many people were induckted into the service, some were highly duckorated. Some were sitting ducks. Some were transferred or given early "outs" due to troop reducktions. Others faced seducktions at foriegn brothels. Some were just from the Duckotas.


bulletholes said...

It looks like it landed with
a quack on some poor Kayak.
Better fix that horn.
Duck, Duck , Goose!

Anonymous said...

How poetic!!!!
On the other hand .... maybe that's the yak-rack, complete with yak?

Quack, Quack!