Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rod's Duck Farm - Is it a Mudpuddle without Water?

A pothole is just a pothole UNLESS it rains. Then it is a mudpuddle, a duck sanctuary. Soubriquet has recorded this truth in graphic format at his blog (link below).

Click (X) Here to See an Optomistic English Duck

Sometimes, safe drinking water is in short supply. That's a problem for people and ducks. According to Forbes magazine, the World Health Organization claims that "polluted water is the world's deadliest foe, killing 1,400 people a day." AND I might add, no telling how many DUCKS!!!
Of course 1,400 people a day might be rather inconsequential. After all, 1400 a day is only 5 million a year, not enough to keep the world population from its continued expansion.

In conclusion, little kids and ducks have the right idea. If you see a mudpuddle, jump in with both feet!
Quack, Quack!

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soubriquet said...

My duckfriend knows the true secret of happiness. It is simply appreciating the value of what you've got, not bemoaning the duckpond you can't afford.