Sunday, March 18, 2007

Duck Billed Platy-Cat

Pause for thought ... Cats make good bodyguards!!!
RDK .... clause in the pause?
Quack, Quack!


Anonymous said...

Quack, Quack, Quackerman
How doth thee garden grow?
With ducks and bills and platycats
All in a friendly row....

Nice one!!!! Laughing my kitty-cat socks off....

But quackerman, wait! Look and see,
kitty's claws are not so sheathed.
Ducky's head looks a bit too tasty....Hey! someone pass me the Peking gravy........

rdkitty cat

steve said...

The Mice have voted to bell the Cat.

Wad's Duck Farm said...

Why is it voted and vetoed are about the same?
Anyway, I agree, the Belle's a Cat!

I did learn something about that vetoed thing .... I stubbed my little toe while I was walking around sock-footed. Later I took off the sock and was surprised to see the toe sticking out kind of sideways, forming a V. So I realigned it with the other toes so I would not be vetoed.
My toe didn't like it. It was happier being Vetoed. In that condition it was all puffed up and pround. Now it is no longer swollen with pride and is merely red with embarassement.
I'm just now realizing that Wad is short for Waddle. When I was 8, there was a girl named Janice that used to pluck out her eyelashes. She called me Wad. I thought she simply could not pronounce "Rod".
She was a prognosticator! Now I'm 8 again .... 8 by a cat!!!!
Quack, Quack!!