Sunday, March 4, 2007

Rod's Duck Farm Origami - Creation or Evolution?

Make a Rod's Duck Farm Duck!


Traditional Origami is about 8" x 8". It is made from a sheet of paper. You fold it. If you want, you can write a message on the inside of the duck and mail it to someone. Such a message is called a Duck-O-Gram.
A duck is similar to a loon. A loon ululates instead of quacking. Last night there was a lunar eclipse. I don't know why they spell loon differently when it is emailed. They even spell "clips" differently. I can understand the "e" prefix as in "email" .... "eclips" .... but why the "e" suffix? Should "email" become "emaile"? Another funny thing happened. The moon went away for a while. Them loons is powerful birds!
But the thing is, you can make origami ducks and write people's names on the ducks. Then the origami ducks function as placeholders at dinner tables. If your dinner guests are chewing gum, they can place their gum inside the duck instead of sticking it to the bottom of your chairs and table. Thus, Origami Duck is a gum repository.
Instead of sending Duck-O-Grams, you can write cute sayings inside the duck-as-a-placeholder. Then the duck is like a fortune cookie, sans cookie.
Your duck may have an aura. If you tell people about your duck's aura, you would simply say, "I have an aura 'n tell duck. Some people might think you were saying Oriental Duck. But that's just silly .... there's no Oreo's involved. There are NO cookies involved. Not even on your computer. Although Duck-O-Gram may conjure up the concept of cookie, Grahams are either bells or crackers.
In this case, there are no bells or crackers ..... it is ducks - Quackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quack, Quack!!!
Quack, Quack!!


Anonymous said...

If your dinner guests are chewing gum, they can place their gum inside the duck instead of sticking it to the bottom of your chairs and table. Thus, OriGumi Duck is a gum repository.

A good technique for teaching school children to spell their names and dispose of their gum properly.

Excellent thought for teacher and parents!

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Hi Sharon,
What's Tim doing these days. There's no new Landscaping with Trolls.
How 'bout Jesse. Does have have a major?
Quack, Quack!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Quacker Farmer,

I am loving the origami........think I might copy your template and start making some RDF ducks of my own......I can see them in my mind already....hanging above my drafting table......maybe they might even inspire some poetry (rhyming of course.......)

meow, meow

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Sure thing, red-dirt-girl,
Give it a whirl.
It would really rock
To have a whole flock
of arts & crafts
Above where you drafts.
Make quite a few
and enjoy paper-view.
It is something to hold
after you fold.
Quack, Quack!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmm - Props to you, quacker man!!!

steve said...

Where do Orgami Ducks go, when they go away?
If they leave the Flock would they unfold and blow away?
Where do Orgami Ducks go?
The one without a name, is he a Public Duck
Don't stick no gum on me, no!
Keep yer sticky to yersef..
Sticky to yersef...
How do you love me so well?

Anonymous said...

Oriduck is right there on the mantle with in all his initial orginal glory. Perhaps the ducks should contain poems, instead of fortune, a thought to ponder, or question on the lives of ducks.

I'm hoping Jesse will drop in. He likes the motto. He sezs it's cold in Buffalo and maybe the world's going to end soon. He's teaming up with Reverend Joe at South Beach to announce the end. But, it's like fortune telling duck, predictions are so discrediting and no one will take you seriously after that. It's better to think about ducks. He's coming home for spring break, hope it gets above freezing, it's cold here too.

Tim... hmmm, girlfriend problems and bills. Nothing that will be resolved soon.

Great cubicle story. Maybe cubicle duck could pose for those private times we surf the net, like the classic sculpture of the thinking man.


Head Duck Wrangler said...

I think a scuplture of the "thinking duck" might be misinterpreted. I thought "The Thinker" was just "going number two". Turns out he wasn't going, he was just thinking. A thinking duck ... would it look like it way laying an egg?
On the other hand, an origami thinking duck .... maybe that would answer the question of "Where do ducks go?" Maybe ducks go similar places to where pigeons go ... on statues!
Quack, Quack!!

Dave said...

I've got an idea... You could use a newspaper and wrap birthday presents with an origami duck like this! Oh, wait, someone has already thought of that... Missed the boat again!


Anonymous said...

So I need to get my duck a nest? I'm sure that wasn't in the instructions.

Or that kind of thing only happens on statues? I understand it's better not to inform consumers of every obsure event that's unlikely to happen.


Anonymous said...

Quacker Wrangler,

It appears you have some poetry competition from the cowboy, two......funny, very funny.......I like someone's idea of writing poetry instead of fortunes in the ducks.....a poet would those words floating around her head when she is struggling to capture them....they sure do fly fast......!!

I believe that pigeons and ducks both poo on statues......but that is only my opinion. What a mess!!

Okay, quacker man....time to show me something new here.....knock my kitty cat sock paws off.....if anyone can do it - it's the duck man!

meow, meow!

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Dave's correct. Approved by Rod's Duck Farm is the use of larger pieces of paper or cardboard to make ducks big enough to serve as gift-wrapping. I'm thinking you could use the tarp from an 18 wheeler to make a duck tent.
Yup, Sharon, "product line extension" is what we marketers like to call it (would you like fries with that) .... a nest for your duck?
I'm wondering about the poetry in a duck. Poetry is two words - Poe as in Edgar Allen and Try and as in Try to write something. Origami Duck poetry, Ducktree ... that would be Duck (as in duck) and tree (as in raw material to make paper)? Something is not quite write .... it is quackers.
Quack, Quack!