Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ya Wanna Buy a Duck?

Duck History
This is a picture of a windup toy .... Joe Penner and his duck Goo-Goo.
Joe & Goo-Goo were a vaudeville act. His catchphrase was, "Ya wanna buy a duck?"
Joe would wander onto the stage, aloof, to the amazement of the MC. When the MC would ask Joe questions (Who are you, What are you doing here, What's with the duck, etc.), Joe would respond, "Ya wanna buy a duck?"
Quack, Quack!


red-dirt-girl said...

hi rod, this looks like something i would buy!! I was sitting around last night thinking of all the things your name goes with:

Quacker oats, it's what's for breakfast ...

Quackers and cheese - a great midday snack...

Quackermate - a variety of flavors for your coffee or a chess move (but I think I was hungry ... )

have a ducky day!!


ps...that peking gravy looks tasty on your feathers ....

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Hey there Kit E. Cat,
It makes the earth move uner my feet ... like the earth quacks in cowifornia.
The Quaker/Quacker thing opens a lot of doors.
... extra crummy, forced humor such as:
What's it called when a duck has laryngitis?
Quail ..... ailing Quack!!!!!
Coo-aack, Coo-aak!!
Peking gravy ... yum! Quackers & Cheese, even better.
Christmas Tune ... Nutquacker Swede?
Quack, Quack!

red-dirt-girl said...

How 'bout Quack & Barrel: upscale shopping experience.....or step on a Quack and break your mother's back....or WATCH OUT FOR THAT QUACK IN THE ROAD!!!......or we could get real low and say,"I was a Quack baby"...ah, that's too depressing for your blog - scratch that....or the Duck's hit the fan and now I have a Quack in my windshield....yeah, you're right.....this is extra crummy, forced humor...but has a certain sense of appeal late at night....!


red-dirt-girl said...

Hi Ducky,

I'm feeling a little 'mule - ish' today...can you tell? Must come up with a new moniker....sure you can help....what exactly DOES a mule sound like????

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Mike Myers was the voice of Shrek and Eddie Murphy the voice of the mule. Is Ursula related to Mike Myers?
I think you are correct about the harumph sound .... people are especially enamoured of the mule's connection with asses. The mule sound would have to center on the "rump" ... Harumph!
Quack, Quack!

red-dirt-girl said...

Ha! Ha!

Well my mewlicious mules were short lived as they suffered much ridicule from foreign entities - names of which I shall not indulge...there appeared to be this confusion about goats and asses....well I did clear up the ass part.......with a new avatar...but felt I was rather exposed, lying there in the raw, so to now a third.......ahhhhh, it HAS been a trying day. But thank you so much for the moniker.....


Rod's Duck Farm said...

Maybe I missed something. The ass business wasn't about mules ... it is about monikers .... a monkier is an aliass ....
Kinda liked the last avatar butt I can see how something more conservative could be more comfortable. It was a good prose pose.

steve said...


"HOWWWW-(highh-pitched whistle")
THats my mule bray!