Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Duck or the Egg

Big topic for today was
“Which comes first – the advertising copy or the product?”
…. Should you invent the product before you try to sell it,
Or should you try to sell it and then invent it?

I argued on the side of do the sales first …. If nobody wants
One, there’s not much sense in inventing it.

Vision always comes first, even though
Thomas Edison claimed invention to be a 3-part process:
1. Get the money
2. Find the need
3. Invent the invention

Getting the money requires some sort of plan, dream, or scheme - a vision that must be comunicated to the financiers.

…. Unless it is ducks. There always needs to be more duckological thought
……..regardless of what everybody wants!

Quack, Quack!


Anonymous said...

for some reason this reminds me of your 2B or O2B discussion .....

it was definitely the egg.... a duck egg to be precise ...

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Eggs are zero shaped. I even heard a teacher comment that missing a test resulted in a "duck egg - a zero".
Thus we have biblical consistency.
In the beginning there was nothing. (like zero, an egg)
Apparently it is possible to get something from nothing. That is the conundrum. How do you do that? The mathematical proof that it is possible lies in the concept of "zero factorial". Zero factorial equals 1 (one).
Yes RDG, I concur - to be, to exist, is dependent upon the pre-existence of nothing, a duck egg.
Quack, Quack!

steve said...

So when my ex says I am nuthin to her anymore does that have something to do with a Duck? Or does it have something to do with the furry lime green leisure suit (much like the one modeled here) i like to wear?

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Steve.... again, zero factorial equals one. If she says you are nothing with emphasis, ie., an exclamation mark ..... 0! = 1
What she is really saying is "You are the one!"
Dave is the only one that can get away with the lawn mower business.
Cristina never says he is nuthin to her in a mower.
Have you tried a VW van or maybe a Lexus?
Quack, Quack!