Friday, April 27, 2007

Winter Hat

Spring Fashion dictates the display of the greatest ever duck hat. The wings and feet serve as ear flaps. The bill is, of course, a sun visor. I you wear a hat like this and you see hunters, a good plan would be to DUCK!


Dave said...

Another cool hat! Thanks for updating the link, bye the way. I think your hammerfight posting may have been lost on those who have never been in one. I've been in several and made some great friends!

See ya...


Rod's Duck FArm said...

Uh.... I'd prefer the ham, please!

Quack, Quack!

maruschka said...

Ha! That's a great hat. Can we include it on our site? We have a site dedicated to hats with ear flaps and we're collecting awesome photos like yours. Please visit Sylacauga Phlaphappies and let me know if we can use the photo.