Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hitch Hiker

Rod's Duck Farm has a transportation subsidiary known as the Duck Truck. For pulling trailers, there is a trailer ball mounted to the rear bumper of the Duck Truck. This duck is a trailer ball cover .... according to the trailer folks. Of course you know that the main reason to have a trailer ball is to provide a mount for yet, another duck!

On another note ..... there's a beach boys tune .... there's a parody in progress....
"Wouldn't it be nice ..."
So far, it goes like this:
Wouldn't beans & rice go good together
Even if you ate ate them all month long ...

Or else it goes like this:
Wooden beans and rice .........

The rice part is important because ducks like to nest around rice fields.

Quack, Quack!


steve said...

What d'ya wear to a Trailer Ball?
Same thing as you wore tio the Sweet 16 Gear?

Dave said...

Best complimentary closing ever, from the forward to Gerald Weber's Tube Amp Talk for the Guitarist and Tech:

Red Beans and Ricely Yours,

Billy F. Gibbons