Thursday, May 10, 2007

Flying South - Quack, Quack!

In Memory of the Southerners forced to seek political asylum in Brazil.
Also in Memory of the mile wide path, 100 miles long that General Sherman felt compelled to burn from Atlanta to the Atlantic Ocean.


steve said...

They say that South Carolina got it even worse because "Thats where treason began"
Sherman said he had a Company that could "Kill, Gut and Scrape a Pig without breaking Ranks"
And Sheridan said of the Shenandoah Valley, where he was quite busy, that "A crow flying across it would have to carry his own Provisions"
I don't know anything about what you say of Asylum in Brazil...

steve said...

Most of the exiles were plantation owners, but there were some
teachers, doctors, lawyers and businessmen. They came from Alabama,
Georgia, Texas, South Carolina and Mississippi. They felt conditions
under Reconstruction would be unbearable, so they decided to leave the
old South and head for Brazil. Another attraction was the abundant slave
labor available in Brazil, where slave labor was not abolished until
1888. Many settlers could not adapt and returned to the States.