Thursday, May 3, 2007

Horology - Big Shot

Bill and Rita Megee also discovered the Big Shot Shells Duck Clock. It keeps good time and, of course has the duck flying off to the right. The folks who did my tombstone engraved the duck flying to the left but my clocks fly the right way.
The interest in horology grows. If I become a horologist, I won't be able to hire a secretary since secretaries are notorious for keeping the minutes. ..... no more dinner parties, everybody coming back for seconds ..... where would the time go?
Quack, Quack!

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Dave said...

You've given me an interesting puzzle here. I'm not sure what arc a load of shot would take if it was fired at an upward angle in a vacuum; I am absolutely sure it would not follow a catenary in our atmosphere. I see no catenaries in the photo or "cat eating a canary" references in the text. Hmm.... Why the catenary label? (Not expecting an answer here.... I'm asking myself....)

Nice clock.... Beats having to flip an hourglass 24 times a day!