Tuesday, January 2, 2007

2007 A New Year - A New Blog

I'm supposed to be able to insert a picture but so far that isn't working.
Nevertheless, HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!
Dave Renfro stopped by today and, next thing you know, there was a Rod's Duck Farm blog.

When ducks migrate, they fly in a V formation. Some people wonder why there are always more ducks on one leg of the V. The answer is "more ducks".
There are more ducks on one leg. That makes the leg longer.
Quack, Quack,


Dave said...

Boy! If ducks flew in an O formation, it would be more difficult for them to achieve that asymmetry.


steve said...

Hey Rod, I have been anticipating your arrival!!!

I've seen 'em fly like this > and sometimes like that < and every now and then they go ^...but I always thought they flew in more of a Square Root pattern...the best ones fly on Rotisserie Airlines.
One ducks Heaven is another Duxelle.

Rod's Duck Farm said...

hmmmm.... but Dave, an O formation is a duck formation .... a score of zero is a duck .... zero factorial is 1, but zero ductorial is V, roman numeral five. I really wasn't aware of the roman numeral thing til now.

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Thanks for the Duck's Hell thing.
I didn't know the mushroom cloud had such a ducky name!
I think that square root thing is correct. That's probably where Pythagoras got the 3,4,5 triangle.
"Three ducks on one side and four on the other, right Pythagorus?"
"Right .... Right!!! A right triangle! 90 duckgrease!"