Wednesday, January 3, 2007

CD Duck

Check it out. Now that I am "verified" the "insert picture" icon works.
Now I'm thinking about wood finishing.
I deep fried some wood, attempting to fill the wood with oil and maybe do something like steam bending. Deep frying seems to harden the wood and set whatever bend is already there but is not so good for doing the bending.
Others suggest that filling the wood with oil would work better using vacuum.
The problem is that outdoor ducks eventually get a crack in the paint. Moisture enters the crack. Then there becomes something rotten in the duck's crack. My step-dad has that problem with his wooden wagon wheels. There has to be a good wood preservative other than something likethe petrified forest. I figure Stratavarious had various techniques that would preserve wood. Maybe while on a concert tour, some patron deep-fried Strat's fiddle at a vile inn?
Quack, Quack!


barry said...

nothing like a little ducky wucky

Dave said...

It seems you are trying to seal the wood to keep the duck dry. Instead, why not find some way to get the duck to shed the water off? Feathers, maybe?

Just a thought...

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Wood is supposed to be like a bundle of thin straws. Maybe if I had little fans blowing water out or maybe some kind of drain.
An energy field? Maybe a duck van-der-graff generator to vaporize or repel (VOR) water particles.
I've given up on keeping the wood dry. Now I'm working at replacing the water in the wood with something else ... 710.

TopChamp said...

It's a beautiful duck picture. I look forward to more...?

Your friend dave put a link to you on another blog in case you're wondering where I came from! Thought I'd let you know I'd been reading.

Happy New Year.

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Thanks, TC.
Neat "anonymous" photo of you!

steve said...

I find a little Corn Starch works well for my fouled crotch duck butter ass...