Monday, January 8, 2007

I'm a Third Person

The reason Rod's Duck Farm never shows up on internet searches is the same reason Dave Mows Grass never returns a listing. Rod's Duck Farm never says Rod's Duck Farm or even Dave Mows Grass. If somebody else was searching, they might search Rods Duck Farm or Dave Moe's Grass.
A Rod's Duck Farm search actually did show a "hit" on Bullet Holes in the Mailbox but that blog is inop on January 8, 2007.
Now, maybe at least Rod's Duck Farm will show up on Rod's Duck Farm!
Quack, Quack,


Dave said...

I think "Bulletholes" has been editing his links over the last few days. I'm afraid he has ventured into the belly of the beast and hasn't found his way out yet. I'm sure he will as soon as he figures out the code.

I actually am getting some traffic at I'm averaging almost one hit a month. That's about four times what I did last year!


Rod's Duck Farm said...

Dave Mows Grass is making headway!
I see that Steve's blog is back up.
I finally read his duck story "He Forgot it was Sunday" about the guy that coughed into his duck call at church.

steve said...

Yes, I am back from my abduction;
I thought all was lost for a moment...
I am going to mention Rods Duck Farm a few more times and see if I can't climb that ladder.
I still have my Duck call and I could do it again for you>

steve said...

What kind of car is that in the background, Rod? Please, please don't tell me its a Belvedere...