Saturday, January 20, 2007

Statistics: What does the red line mean?

I guess I'll have to add one of mine.
from: The Poetry of Rod's Duck Farm

Poetry: It is Meant to be Read Aloud

“Poor tree, it is mint,” Tubby Rat allowed.

For the wood bites the tongue,
Passing scents to the air.

Padre Frog croaks.
Toadal experience – warts.

Silent reeds do nothing.

See the worm raid quietly.
See the poor tree dust vanish.

Pear tree in the forest falls,
Emptiness without annoys.

“Some woods are just mint,” Tubby said.

Poetry. It is meant to be read aloud.
For the word bites the tongue,
Passing sense to the air -
Poetry, frog-croaks,
Total experience – words.
Silent reads do nothing.
See the worm read quietly?
See the poetry dust vanish?
Poetry, under-forced, falls.
Emptiness without a noise.
Some words are just meant to be said.


steve said...

This is so true... just like the written "Quack" will never provide the curious reader with anything more than the most vague and erroneous notions of Duckspeak.

Dave said...

"Quack?" How "quack?" Onomatopoeia fails!